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Valentine’s Day 2017


Look no more! Here are a few ideas that would make your someone special
smile this Valentine’s day.
Valentine’s Specials Available Through the month of FEBRUARY 2017.
If you book one of these Valentine Specials on
Saturday- February 11th, Tuesday- February 14th, or Saturday-February 18th
you will receive a special treat!
Space will be limited so make sure to plan ahead or send your Valentine a hint!
Hot Chocolate Pedicure $50
Enjoy a cup of one of our Flying Bird Botanicals Hot Chocolates while you soak your feet in an aroma of chocolaty bliss & shea butter! You’re feet & nails will be groomed before a skin firming sugar scrub for your feet and legs that will leave them feeling soft and smooth! Followed up by a chocolaty massage leaving your tootsies looking beautiful and smelling good enough to nibble on!
Add On’s Are Special Pricing for Valentines Day Special Only.
Add On A Chocolate Paraffin $10
Add On Hot Stones $5
Shellac Upgrade $5
Chocolate & Cherries Jubilee Facial: $85
Entice your senses in this nutrient dense facial that will leave your skin revitalized and rejuvenated. Cherry enzymes provides gentle exfoliation, giving your skin a younger, more healthy-looking appearance. A chocolate mask will then replenish your skin with powerful antioxidants, giving you a radiant glow.
One Hour
Side by Side Massage

Enjoy relaxing massage side by side with your loved one. The benefits of Couples Massage are:

Helps get you both into the present moment, enhances bonding & brings out the loving energy between you.

$150 One Hour
$200 Ninety Minutes
Warming Candle Massage: $90

Warm Aromatherapy Oils are poured over your body for a relaxing & rejuvenating massage experience. These massage candles are specially formulated to ease muscle tension & unwind your thoughts, bringing you into a state of tranquility.

One Hour

 Interactive Couples Massage: $115

Our experienced therapist will teach you how to give your partner a massage without hurting yourself. The receiving partner will basically be getting a four hands massage as our experienced therapist will take you through a massage routine that is customized to focus on releasing the areas of tension your partner feels the most. During this massage we use our Hard Lotion Bars that you can take home. Choose from Serenity, Relief or Summertime Zen. Each partner receives 40 minutes of massage time.

Ninety Minutes

Kissed by Cupid Facial: $130
Reawaken dry, thirsty skin with fresh strawberries and rhubarb while marshmallow plant based hyaluronic acid deeply hydrated through its ability to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. Gently buff and smooth your skin for a bright and radiant complexion before replenishing it with the help of vegetable derived hyaluronic acid and fresh strawberries and rhubarb that deliver a renewed youthful glow. Indulge in a hot apricot oil scalp massage and lip treatment for kissible lips!
75 Minutes

Ice Cream Social Treatments


For the month of April, Blush is offering “Ice Cream Social” Inspired Treatments to kick off Spring!



Bright Citron Pedicure

A revitalizing ritual to awaken skin’s glow. Bright Citron restores radiance with a botanical blend of hydrating honey and purifying kaffir lime. The nourishing formulas brighten skin’s appearance while a sparkling burst of pink grapefruit and warm amber fragrance invigorates the senses. Brightens up every mood.


Lemon Sorbet

Lemon Sorbet Massage

Bring a little sunshine to your day sprinkled with natural vanilla and citrus oils during your soothing massage.Transporting your mind with just one sniff to a warm beach with sun on your face. A truly uplifting and relaxing experience.
$80 – 60 Minutes
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Orange Creamsicle Facial 

This heavenly facial will remind you of a creamsicle! This gentle mixture of milk protein, papaya and tangerine softens skin and sloughs away dead skin cells, leaving skin polished, silky and hydrated. Perfect to get your skin glowing for spring break!
$85-60 Minutes 
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Enjoy a cup of Ice Cream!

Each “Ice Cream Social” treatment also includes a cup of ice cream before or after your treatment! 

Luxury Tanning and SkinCare


The weather here is normally not so warm and glorious, so I know like many of you, I am out in the warmth sunbathing like a cat in the window…napping…enjoying…soaking up all the rays and all the warm-luxury-goodness…Safely, of course.

I recently stumbled across a short, truthful article on tanning beds, that so intensively “called-out” fake-n-bakers about the horrors of tanning beds. The author states, “I made a quick (and yes, judgmental) assessment of your skin tone based on your hair and eye color. You probably tan easily but it was the first week of June and we had had a sub-zero winter. There was not a tan line to be seen across your shoulders, back, or legs. All signs pointed to pre-prom fake-n-bakin’.”

The horror signs and outcomes of what tanning beds can do to our lovely, youthful skin seem to be overlooked all too often because the cost of beauty is more important….but let me be frank….nothing is worth harming yourself….

Did you know?…..

that indoor tanning results in almost 420,000 cases of skin cancer diagnosed in the United States each year;

tanning causes more cases of skin cancer than cases of lung cancer are caused by smoking;

that ONE tanning session in an indoor UV tanning bed increases the risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma by 67 percent. And if you go just a few more times, the risk of developing basal cell carcinoma increases by 73 percent;

that rates of incidence of melanoma among young adults has increased 800 percent in the last four decades;

that melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer;

that 76 percent of cases of melanoma among 18-29 year olds can be attributed to tanning bed use;

that your risk of developing melanoma increases by 75 percent if you have used a tanning bed before the age of 35;

that nearly 10,000 people will die from melanoma this year?

So, what does Blush have that can help you protect your skin YET get a beautiful tan in our very rainy state?  Can you obtain a line-free tan for prom? Weddings? Or a base tan for your summer adventures?

Glad you ask!!!!


We have custom, airbrush tans that are NOT to be confused with spray tans.

Airbrush tanning offers a seamless tan that looks natural and is safe to utilize regularly. Many people think airbrush tanning and spray tanning are the same thing but in actuality are very different.

Spray tanning can trend toward orange in many cases and often results in streaking. One achieves this “tan” by stepping into a spray tanning booth where an automated machine sprays the person down head to toe. The fumes can be pretty intense.

Spray tanning booths typically offer one type of tanning solution for every skin type, which clearly is a problem for anyone looking for a custom tan. In the spray tanning booth, the person inside needs to flail their arms and legs around to try and get an evenly coated tan with not enough tanning solution or enough time to cover the entire body adequately. It takes up to three sessions to get an even tan (which is too dark in color) compared to one session for an airbrush tan.

(In the infomercial voice….) BUT WAIT THERES MORE!!!!  We use Bronze Biologic Tan Solution Bronze Biologic tanning solutions do not and will never contain any harmful or toxic chemicals, dyes, alcohol, additives, perfumes, or artificial colors. They have sourced out only the purest form of all of ingredients that will deliver results unsurpassed by any other tanning solution on the market.

The ingredients are: purified water, cane sugar, carbohydrate compound from beets (for coloring), aloe vera, Benzoic Acid (natural antimicrobial compound from  cranberries, prunes, greengage plums, cinnamon, ripe cloves and apples), and Sorbic Acid (derived from the oil of the unripened rowan berry to safely prevent bacteria and mold growth. THATS IT!!!!!!


And once you have your glow, we carry COOLA, an organic suncare products to continue to protect you and your loved ones all summer long.  Call the spa to book an appointment, mention “I love my skin,” when booking appointment to receive $10 off your tan.

Protect your Be-you-tiful skin,


Blush Spa Director

Finding Balance

 Here at Blush, we are influenced by a new product to ask the question to our guests, are you leading a balanced life?

We all want that life, which we look and feel our  best without giving up everything that makes life so enjoyable. It’s that place called balance. At Blush, we understand, as business owners, mothers, wives, etc.  We post this in hopes it will inspire you to take care of your body and mind for the right reasons; out of self-love, not out of guilt, out of pride, not shame.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your starting point is. You can live a healthy, balanced life and you can make better decisions about what is right for you.  Balancing your life is hard work, it takes time and effort to see results. Don’t be discouraged. The results of living a healthy, balanced life are completely worth the effort, so get started on your path towards the life that you deserve.

We provide services to help renew your mind and body, to assist you on your journey to balance.  Stressed? Try a Hot Stone massage with Alix or Alisha.  Tired? Have a facial with one of our four Estheticians, Andrea, Rashelle, Cori or Gessica.  Need clarity? Try a Detox Pedicure with Stacy or Lindsey.  We have too many services to mention that can help you find balance and peace in you life.



Finding balance for your skin, with the Balance Collection, we’re treating the true diversity of combination skin using all-natural and organic ingredients that only nature can produce.  Nature always brings us back to balance.  Continue reading for more information about this amazing new product line from Éminence. 




Oil control and hydration that bring harmony to combination skin, using all-natural and organic ingredients that only nature can produce.

Rice Milk  3-in-1 Cleansing Water Balancing Masque Duo Balancing Moisturizer Duo


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