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Happy New Year..Focus on Self Care

Hello ladies (and gentlemen)!

We are entering 2016, a new year full of promise and hope. We hope your 2015 was filled with joy and happiness, but let’s get real. 2015 was probably tough. Tougher than you imagined it would be. Maybe you were swamped with work, overwhelmed with family, or you had hoped to accomplish more, but life got in the way. WE GET IT. The Blush Beauty Girls are well accustomed to hectic schedules, family needs, and we’ve had a few plumbing incidents this year too (don’t worry, we fixed it).

As we reflect together on this past year, we all feel grateful to have a passionate group of women (and men) to share our hopes and dreams with. That group is YOU, our clients and supporters!

Every single person that walks into Blush is special to us, and our purpose is to help you feel happy and beautiful when you leave our cozy little spa. However, we’re about to ask you all for a little favor….

In this new and exciting year we want each person reading this to take some extra time and commit to self-care. What does self-care mean? Exactly what it sounds like! Self-care is consciously caring for yourself, whether it’s spending an extra five minutes in the morning drinking your cup of coffee and reading your favorite blog before jetting off to work, focusing on positive thoughts about your body or personality, or even swiping on a bright red lipstick to jazz up your day. Self-care can be whatever YOU need it to be, and it is so important to your overall well-being.

We have truly incredible clients-teachers, soldiers, lawyers, nurses, moms, dads, artists, therapists-literally, you name it, and we probably know someone. That said, we want you all to be the best you can be-physically, mentally, and emotionally. Take a few extra moments for YOU in 2016. Enjoy that piece of dark chocolate. Go for that run in the sunshine. Turn off your phone, go to bed earlier, or dance to your favorite tune.

Consciously decide that you ARE important, and you need a little extra love too.

Share your favorite ideas or thoughts about self-care, we would love to hear them! And, if you feel so inclined, we’d love to help you with your self-care goals! Feel free to call or email to schedule an appointment with us and be on your way to a happier you.

Happy New Year!


The Blush Beauty Girls.

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