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Relax and escape! Massage is a wonderful technique that soothes away muscle tension, increases circulation, and helps balance the parasympathetic nervous system resulting in ultimate relaxation. Ease away your stresses in a customized treatment that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

30 minutes $45

60 minutes $75

90 minutes $100

Hot Stone Massage
Indulge! Warm stones are incorporated to melt away tension and rid muscle stiffness. Heat from the basalt stones will leave you in an ultimate state of relaxation.

60 minutes $90

90 minutes $115

Side by Side Massage
Enjoy relaxing massage side by side with your loved one. The benefits of Couples Massage are:

Helps get you both into the present moment, enhances bonding & brings out the loving energy between you.

60 minutes $150

90 minutes $200

Four Hands Massage
Your mind cannot keep up with the massage & so it drops into a deeper level of relaxation allowing you to release muscle & mental tension more completely. You’ll feel amazing after this massage. Hope & Gail work in unison to lull you into a state of peaceful relaxation.

60 minutes $150

90 minutes $200

Healthy Body Massage Package

Reap the benefits of making Massage Therapy a part of your Health
Plan. Benefits include:
1. Reduction in pain & tension throughout your body
2. Deeper & more restful sleep
3. Reduction in headaches
4. Increased & more consistent energy levels
5. Greater awareness of your body
6. Reduction of stress
7. A general feeling of well-being
8. More resilient immune system

Stress is a precursor to many disorders the body experiences. One of the
most effective ways to combat stress is to take time to care for yourself.
Massage is a wonderful way to do that. During a massage the time & energy
of your therapist is focused entirely on you. You don’t have anything to do
except relax & release the stress built up in your body.

Each massage is 50 minutes and includes: hot stones & aromatherapy.

FOUR PACK for 1 Massage PER WEEK $260

SIX PACK for 1 Massage PER MONTH $480